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New Beginnings
Spring is a new is a time for new beginnings and I'm really excited that I'll be starting new beginner friendly accessible yoga classes in Saint Albans this spring.

Walking in nature on the way to and from a blissful wild swim session I was blessed to see so many signs of spring, the glorious spring flowers, blossom on the trees, the excitement of the birds. This beautiful cormorant was really stretching out his wings embracing the spring day. It reminded me of the way that I first fell in love with yoga as a child because so many of the asanas are named after animals.
The cormorant inspired me to invite my students to really stretch during our class this evening.“You’ve got to spread your wings if you want to fly; take risks, go to places you haven’t gone, be willing to not know, and be ok with making mistakes. You will go further than you could have ever dreamed possible.” – Unknown

The theme for week one will be a beginner’s mind. A beginners mind serves us well as we never know what we can learn that is new from something we thought we already knew.  I will invite you to approach each pose as if it is new and ask what you have to learn from it.
Transition is the theme for the second week, transition can be described as a change made gracefully. I will invite you to embody this in the changes made from position to position, which transitions do you find easier? Do any make you anxious? How can this anxiety be overcome?

Spring is a time of transformation and our theme for the third week will be transformation. We will focus on the transformation of moving from one position to another with grace. You might want to think about how your yoga practise transforms your day.

In the fourth week, we will think about stretching, like the cormorant. Through spring, a lot of growth takes place and we will focus on stretching long and tall to replicate this growth.

Week five will be focussed on expansion and we will ‘’invite those deep breaths that expand our lungs. Reach through your fingertips and feet in every pose. Your mind is every bit as expansive, reaching out to the far corners of the universe to seek wisdom and guidance, welcoming all new knowledge and insight.’’ Amanda Sides

No spring theme would be complete without expressing gratitude for the new season, so the last week of the term will focus on gratitude. As we practice, we will give thanks with every breath for, for having the opportunity to do this practise and everything else that is good in our lives.
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